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Top 3 Blockchain Smart Contract Development Platforms

A smart contract is a piece of self-executing code that not only defines the rules and penalties of an agreement like a traditional agreement, but also enforces those obligations automatically. Smart contracts can be used across a broad spectrum of utilities including financial services, healthcare, insurance premiums, legal processes, crowdfunding agreements etc. Continue Reading

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Google opts Blockchain Technology to offer customer solutions

#NewsAlert According to an official statement on July 23, 2018, Google is joining the list of tech titans to use blockchain technology to give customers cloud service and fintech solutions. Google declared that it has consociated with the blockchain firms, BlockApps and Digital Asset in order to provide new distributed ledger technology (DLT) solutions on Google's Cloud Platform (GCP). Continue Reading

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How can Blockchain tackle the Growing Menace Created by Fake Medicines?

Your child means the world to you and your heart melts out when you see the little one suffering from any disease or illness. As a responsible parent, the next thing that you do is rush your kid to the best doctor and purchase the medicines prescribed by him from the nearest pharmacy or drugstore. So, now that you have made your kid pop in those medicines that you have bought, you are at ease that your kid would heal-up soon. But what if things turn out the other way around? What if the child develops some side effects or complications rather than healing up or in the extreme case die as the drugs you purchased were fake. Now, that’s the brutal reality of the multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry. Continue Reading

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India Takes a Big leap Towards Blockchain Adaptation in Agriculture

Blockchain is nothing but a distributed ledger technology allowing members to record transactions in a decentralized data log in computer networks. The transactions are to be approved through concessions, and every operation gets secured through Cryptography. The applications are mostly applicable in agriculture, which is already plagued with numerous challenges. With rising consumer consciousness towards food safety, Blockchain adaptation in agriculture is tailored to solve numerous problems.
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Blockchain Technology as an Application to Combat Covid-19

Our earth has been hit by a pandemic with one of the most dangerous viruses in the century. Due to Convid-19 or more commonly called Coronavirus. The whole world is in massive shock and helpless as well as there is no vaccination for this till now. Scientists and doctors from all over the world are trying their best to find a cure for this evil. Corona not only had affected the lives of humans but also had an adverse effect on the economy of every country. Continue Reading


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