Blockchain Technology as an Application to Combat Covid-19

Blockchain Technology as an Application to Combat Covid-19

Our earth has been hit by a pandemic with one of the most dangerous viruses in the century. Due to Convid-19 or more commonly called Coronavirus. The whole world is in massive shock and helpless as well as there is no vaccination for this till now. Scientists and doctors from all over the world are trying their best to find a cure for this evil. Corona not only had affected the lives of humans but also had an adverse effect on the economy of every country.

The number of virus-infected cases is increasing day by day and so is the death toll. To date 252,762 cases of positive have been reported and out of which 10,405 have lost their lives. This is not the first time when the world is battling with a pandemic like this. Before this various disease outbreak was there which had also worsened the economy.

Today is the fifth day when Sensex is falling. After the outbreak, most of the stores have been shut down and big companies like Apple have lost $4 million, Microsoft faced $62 million loss and many more like them are seeing their growth crashing due to Convid-19.

What all Viruses had grabbed from us?

Our mother earth had faced a lot of viruses and all of them are because of human ill-deeds. When in the year 2003, SARS was reported, around 800 deaths were claimed and 8400+ cases. SARS epidemic began in China. Then in 2009, the H1N1 pandemic was reported and began from the US that claimed 465 deaths and 94000+ cases. Then in the year 2014. Ebola originated from South Africa, claimed 200+ deaths and 300+ cases.

This was little information about epidemics and pandemics that have hit our world and our economy. Previously, we didn’t know how these things would affect the world. But after learning from these things, we have got back from some of the technologies out of which is Blockchain.

How Blockchain is combatting this for us?

From past experiences in dealing with epidemics, economists know which technology can save them better. In this unrealistic situation, tech companies have benefits to make their print by building blockchain solutions aiming for the needs of the world and what exact data target audience needs to get generated.

Medical Supply Chain Tracking
The shortage of facial masks and sanitizers is indeed an issue for the time being. According to NRDC, around 15.2 million masks were produced per day but the demand is near to 50-60 million units per day. Due to this gap, some ill-deed people were taking advantage of and trying to generate fake masks and sanitizers. More than 5000 liters of fake sanitizer were seized from a Gurgaon factory and near about one lakh used masks were burned in Pune.

To fill this gap of immorality, the government of various countries has come up with the idea of blockchain technology. Thorough blockchain there will be no possibility of fake material supply. As the pandemic had an outbreak, all the rules and regulations are according to government medical authorities. Through smart contracts and accurate data, blockchain technology will erase out the breach between supplies and needy people.

Insurance Tracker
Due to Coronavirus, various families are facing the loss of their loved ones. The scar of this effect will remain in heart or everyone till last breath. This scar cannot be healed but what will be the scenario after the end of this pandemic. There would be an urge of money to all those people who had faced loss in lives and business as this is a natural calamity forsake.

Blockchain will give back to such people in these hard times. To the people who have already ensured themselves for life, their families are eligible to get the amount of claim. No money can take the place of a person but only money can help them to revive their own lives for the future. Through blockchain, it would be easy to claim the insurance and other verifications would be done easily so that no one will face any issue in these hard times.

Data Tracking
This is the most important data which every person in the world needs to know in this very anxious time. Websites like Worldometers, HashLog Dashboard are able to show the actual data of the number of cases and virus infection to the world. Blockchain technology helps here to share as much data to the world as it should be accurate and cannot be changed or manipulated.

Showing this data is very necessary because this not only will spread the awareness of this virus to the people but will also help them to act smartly in the worst situations.

Charity and Donations
Now, this is the platform, which is indeed a very useful and important platform at this time. People from all over the world are helping each other to fight back this pandemic. Charity of money, medicines, stock of food, etc. which is needed is giving away to each other. Few small countries who have not much power and resources to battle down this virus are helped by wealthy countries.

Exchanging the things across the border is again a challenge to security platforms. Blockchain plays a vital role in security environments. This technology is known for security purposes. UNWFP has introduced blockchain for such projects that are meant for millions of dollars at cross border exchanges.

Blockchain has gone far in enhancing the lives of human beings. And all the blockchain solutions are ready to fight back this virus and help humans to save their earth. Many of the deadliest flu outbreaks have come but every time mankind has won. Every time any of this type of situation occurs, a huge loss to the economy happens but this time we can control it with the help of developing technologies like blockchain.

In the end, we want to conclude with some preventions from CoronaVirus to mankind as well as our economy.

  • Wash your hands frequently with soaps for at least 20 seconds in to and fro way.
  • Wear a mask in a crowded area where the possibility of a virus-positive patient is high.
  • Always carry a bottle of sanitizer in your bag or pocket to clean the hands whenever going outside.
  • Avoid crowded places and try to remain at home unless there is an emergency.
  • Try not to touch your face, eyes, nose or mouth without washing your hands when outside.
  • Eat as healthy as you can and well-cooked food.
  • If you are handling the flu for more than four days, reach out to the nearest hospital to cure yourself as well as save others.
  • Stay healthy, stay home and don’t panic.