Blockchain To Counter Telemarketing Spams: TRAI

Blockchain To Counter Telemarketing Spams: TRAI

TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has lately drafted new measures to counter the widespread Telemarketing spam, suggesting the notion of using Blockchain technology to restrict the use of Pesky messages and calls. TRAI intends to use Blockchain to prevent the users from unrequested telemarketing communications to make sure that the telemarketing messages and invitations are sent only by authorized entities.

In the statement issued by R.S Sharma TRAI chairman, where he stated that “the use of Blockchain will ensure two things non-repudiation and confidentiality. With the advent of Blockchain, only the sanctioned entities will be able to access the details of the subscriber and that too, when they require to deliver any service.

Blockchain To Counter Telemarketing Spams Prolitus

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