Can Blockchain Help to Find the Cure for Cancer?

Can Blockchain Help to Find the Cure for Cancer?

Of all the diseases that have plagued the human race in decades, cancer tops the list for being the most grievous one. The name itself makes shivers run down the spine, for what this dreadful disease results in. While the medical science and technology is evolving day by day, still there is no assured or potential cure to cancer.

Lot of funds are at work to research for a cure.You will find plenty of foundations, collecting fund for the ‘cause’. We donate to the research and remain clueless about use and results of the funds.

As per the recent release of Google, its Artificial Intelligence is able to make predictions when a person will die. These predictions are up to 95% accurate.

“When an AI program can predict the unseen, then why can’t it find a cure for the disease that causes over 9 million deaths every year?”

Artificial Intelligence is an algorithm that works on pools of data, to recognize patterns, to create an understanding and learn from them. To work on cancer and to find a potential cure, AI would require data from across hospitals’ cancer databases and run calculations. It may be the greatest attempt till date. Then why aren’t we doing it? Because of the Doctor-Patient Confidentiality Clause and acts like HIPAA, hospitals cannot release private information of their patients, creating a complete drought of data for AI programs.

How to connect AI to the pool of hospitals’ cancer databases then?

The answer to this challenge lies with Blockchain, a decentralized and distributed ledger technology. Similar to any other industry, Blockchain technology in healthcare is restructuring how this industry functions. Unlike the centralized data pools, the data can be shared on Blockchain while maintaining complete anonymity of the patients’ personal details. This will not infringe Doctor-Patient Confidentiality Clause or acts like HIPAA. AI can then access the data from across the hospitals, to recognize different patterns of how cancer is caused, how it functions and how it can be treated.

Furthermore, Pharmaceutical Industry will be aided with this combination of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, where having access to such patient data bases will enable AI to discover better treatments for various diseases, including cancer. In this manner, Blockchain and Pharmaceutical Industry, working in tandem with Healthcare and Artificial Intelligence will be highly beneficial in making incredible breakthroughs.