The Client, blockchain based supply chain financing and invoice discounting platform in India

 The Client, blockchain based supply chain financing and invoice discounting platform in India

About Us:

Client is the first and one of a kind blockchain based supply chain financing and invoice discounting platform in India. Client started with the vision of reaching up to medium & small-scale enterprises which require liquidity to manage their day to day cash flow to scale their business. The key proposition of this platform is to provide automation to Lenders to allow invoice discounting while maintaining a full proof trusted system thereby allowing scalability in the idea of invoice discounting.


Some of the major challenges Client offers to solve are

Duplicate or Fake Invoices submitted by the Suppliers

Manual Credit Assessment by the Lenders

Efforts & Cost required in Credit Assessment was quite large – approx. 7-8 working days


To build a marketplace which can help scale such a solution keeping intact the trust, Client uses blockchain technology as its backbone. Utilization of Blockchain provides a trustless, decentralized network which offers immutability, integrity, and privacy through smart contract driven process flow. Automating Credit Analysis feature by the integration of third-party API’s (for GST, PAN, CIBIL, Bank statement Analysis) & providing suggested limits. Thereby given the following benefits –

  • Supplier Onboarding & Assessment has been made very easy by the integration of API’s which gives more transparency and trust, thereby saving manual efforts & time.
  • The platform provides suggested limits & allows limit management of suppliers through smart contracts.
  • Allowing suppliers to receive offers from multiple lenders with different rates and limits and entering in contract with the chosen lender on the blockchain.
  • Recording all invoice-based validations onto the blockchain from participants that were involved in procurement, hence providing credibility to the invoice and helping easy & effortless discounting.
  • Provides Intuitive dashboard to all the participants (Supplier, Buyer, and Lenders) in the system for easy reporting.


Fund Disbursement time has been reduced to 3 days in comparison to ma-nual operations which require 7-8 working days.

The efficiency of credibility assessment has been increased to 80%.


Banks/Investors can get quality business as the suppliers will be pre-screened by the Client team.

Single business is getting offers from multiple investors.


Client platform is changing the market by not only providing an opportunity to SMEs to grow and scale their business with the help of seamless financing but by also allowing small scale investors to join the invoice discounting ecosystem.

Leveraging blockchain (in Client) has allowed Banks & other investors to expand the scope of their business by cutting costs in assessment and verification.

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