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Resolving the Challenges of Education Sector with a Blockchain Powered Solution

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Education Industry


The education sector is dealing with a major issue of document verification and authenticity due to prevalence of malpractices like fraud and misrepresentation of records. This issue is further compounded with Issuing/verifying institutions collecting high fees and entailing long wait time for processing and verification of the certificates. This calls the need to bring in place a system that can store, secure and verify these digital assets in real-time. Blockchain – a technology based on distributed architecture can aptly address the inefficiencies pertaining to verification and ownership of digital records.

How Can Blockchain Help?

End Paper-Based Records:

Blockchain will resolve the issue of inefficient processes of record-keeping and maintenance by doing away with paper-based certificates. This will automate the entire process of presenting, recognition and credit transfer, which in turn will reduce time and cost involved in sharing and verification of documents.

More Sovereignty to Owners:

Blockchain provides owners with more control over their credentials as they receive a unique certificate ID or hash of their certificates that is created and stored immutably on the ledger after being signed by the issuer. This will allow them to access and prove ownership of their document at any point of time.

Eliminates Fraudulence:

The immutable nature of blockchain eliminates issues of fraudulence and misrepresentation of records. This infers that data once uploaded on the Blockchain cannot be tampered without the consensus of other participants in the chain.

Why Sofocle?

As leading players in the Blockchain arena, Sofocle offers robust Blockchain solution to its Clients. For the education sector, Sofocle offers its’ market ready product ‘Certiza’ that allows storage, retrieval and verification of digital records in real-time. This robust product solution has three different modules including the Certiza issuance, recipient and verification module, which aptly addresses issues related to ownership and authentication of digital records.

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