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The Electronics Industry is witnessing growth and success in manifolds, owing to the advancement in science and technology. The old technology is ruled out by the new, the electronics are upgraded with the same for better and the cycle goes on. This is one of the industries that will never see a downfall, for human race is known for curiosity, the research and development will never stop.

With every major stable upgrade, the way equipment function changes, leading to the release of upgrades, creating an on-going chain of product upgradation and release. This generates a requirement of streamlined and continuous supply chain in Electronics Industry, where the products are delivered within time and efficient manner.

The traditional supply chain of Electronics industry is effective in carrying out the required task, but struggles in a number of aspects, including,
Product Counterfeit
Lack of traceability
Global compliances

Majority of products are manufactured and assembled across different continents, before reaching the end consumer. Through this supply chain of reaching the consumer, these products are often replaced with counterfeit products, leading to the loss of brand reputation and funds.

Opacity in the functionality of OEMs, distributors and retailers also affects the supply chain of Electronics industry, where product traceability is compromised, and counterfeit products are introduced into the chain. While the brands follow global compliances for making their products, the introduction of counterfeit products in the chain results in heavy losses in varied industries and end consumers.

sofoChain, a Blockchain based Supply Chain solution, helps in preventing such issues. This solution is designed on Blockchain to offer end-to-end traceability of products, resulting in the transparent access of compliances, grade, origin and all aspects of product manufacturing and shipping.


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