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Food Supply Chain

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Food Supply Chain

The Food Industry is no doubt, one of the most important industries globally, owing to the fact that the whole human race is dependent on it. Not only the consumers require an undisturbed flow and growth of this particular industry, but at the same time, demand to maintain the quality and safety, as the consumption directly reflects their well-being. As per the reports of Gulfood, 2017, Middle East and Africa regions presented the highest level of potential growth, for the rapid increase in birth rate, employment and city expansions.

This industry demands a seamless network, in order to maintain a continuous flow of food across the globe. And the Global Food Supply Chain ranks as one of the largest crucial networks. For all that this traditional supply chain is capable of, it still lacks on a number of aspects, resulting in a range of challenges. The major challenges faced by Food Supply Chain are: Lack of transparency Product Counterfeit Adulteration Loss of freshness during transit Expiration of products during transit Storage of goods Lack of track and trace

The lack of transparency in the Food Supply Chain is the matter of concern, leading to most of the challenges. Another major challenge is the conditions in which the food was processed, where the consumers demand GMO-free, organic and farm grown food. The traditional Food Supply Chain struggles in offering tamper-proof data for the origin and processing of food products.

The Blockchain technology offers complete track and trace facility, based on community consensus. The data recorded onto the blocks is verified and once recorded with time stamps, becomes immutable in nature. In the case where tracing of the Food Supply Chain is required, whole of the chain can be verified through the Blockchain till its origin, i.e. the genesis block. These processes enable the prevention of counterfeiting and adulteration, along with the provision of data of suitable environment for transit of food throughout the chain.

Blockchain technology is paving new roads and creating new possibilities across industries and improving how things function. In Food Supply Chain, the incorporation of Blockchain will not only address the Food Supply Chain, but will make it securer, safer and more streamlined.

sofoChain, the Blockchain based Supply Chain Solution, enables OEMs to end consumers in not only tracing the origin of the goods, but at the same time, facilitates protection of food products from adulteration and counterfeit. This solution works in tandem with IoT devices to register the cold chain data to offer tamper-proof details of the goods in transit to ensure their optimal condition.


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