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Shipping Logistics

Streamlining the Shipping & Logistics Industry with Blockchain Technology Solutions

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Shipping Logistics

Every economy and industry are directly or indirectly dependent on the Shipping & Logistics Industry. This industry serves as the center for all imports and exports done across nations. The international brands will cease to exist, if the Shipping & Logistics industry fails. Playing such importance for trade, the Shipping & Logistics Supply Chain needs to be seamless and fault-free.

The traditional Shipping & Logistics Supply Chain serves the purpose of carrying out the tasks till an extent, but proves inefficient in different spaces. The critical factor affecting its optimal functionality is the lack of transparency in the operations of the OEMs, distributors, retailers and service providers. Inefficient track and trace proves to be the second most important factor hindering the operations of Shipping & Logistics Supply Chain.

Compliances across the globe create a concern, where enterprises need to ensure they meet local and international standards for not only manufacturing, but for packaging, handling and shipping the products. While these are the standard protocols, counterfeit of products and certifications result in heavy losses across industries.

Blockchain for Shipping & Logistics Supply Chain can address these prevailing issues. sofoChain, a Blockchain based Supply Chain Solution, offers complete track and trace, enabling individuals to access the complete record of products, from the origin to certifications and authentic documentation. By offering time-stamped and community consensus based immutable data, sofoChain creates a trustless environment, preventing product counterfeiting.


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