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A million-dollar revenue system, where the entrepreneurs march towards.

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A million-dollar revenue system, where the entrepreneurs march towards.

Why NFT Marketplace Development is a popular source of revenue?

To make sure we carry out the most reliable token development services for NFTs, at Sofocle we partner up with our clients to imagine and then procreate the most advanced and user-friendly white label NFT marketplaces so as to ensure that each user arriving on the platform face the best possible marketplace experience to trade NFTs. However, to give you an idea about our said best NFT marketplace development practices, let’s talk about what refers to a typical Non-Fungible Token marketplace. As its name suggests, an NFT Token marketplace is an online marketplace where buyers can virtually purchase the virtual non-fungible products that are already listed by the sellers or the creators. The good news here is, on every transaction, the marketplace demands a certain transaction amount from the participating buyers and sellers. And if we, at Sofocle, help you create NFT marketplace that works flawlessly well and draws a good number of leads, this gives our clients the benefit of making a profit from each transaction.

And not just that, NFT marketplace development has also helped creators around the world thanks to a huge revenue generation for their virtual non-fungible products. The creator, moreover, could be anyone from a gamer to a musician. To make it all the safer and more reliable, our motto here is to develop the most reliable and transparent marketplace services, wherein the buyers get a token upon each purchase that works a proof of ownership and information regarding the legal ownership of the token. Our NFT software development services are lauded across the industry for their refinement, extreme reliability, and transparency.

Why NFT Marketplace Development is a popular source of revenue?

Best NFT Marketplace


NFTs possess the ability to be traded in within many virtual marketplaces and environments, all thanks to their unique interoperable property. This also means that NFT Token holders have the ability to operate in a sophisticated trading environment, and, moreover, bid, bundle, and sell in some markets.


Non-Fungible Tokens play a big part on public blockchains, allowing the developers to build common, inheritable, and reusable standards that are then relevant to all NFTs. Some basic primitives like transfer, ownership, along with simple access control of tokenized items is included in the process. This, in turn, enables the standardization of a user’s collectables in the marketplace that are represented in NFTs.

NFT Marketplace Development
Create NFT Marketplace


For those unaware, higher liquidity of tokens is a result of instant tradability characteristic of NFTs. They can be stored as collateral good for either some or the other cryptocurrencies for instant cash or liquid cash. As a result of huge audience in the marketplace, the huge pool in the market means better liquidity. For digital unique assets, NFTs have the property to expand the market.


Non-Fungible Token standards such as ERC-721 and ERC-1155 Tokens possess the ability to interact in several ecosystems. Just as a project is introduced in the marketplace, it’s instant made visible to the wallet providers, who are responsible to enable trade in the marketplace for NFTs. A good number of projects can be showcased available marketplaces.

Create Your Own NFT Marketplace
NFT Marketplace For Art


As is the case with conventional digital assets, NFTs, too, are easily programmable. Lately, however, it’s been come to notice that a large number of NFTs have extremely complex mechanisms. These complex mechanisms can include abilities like redeeming, forging, crafting, random generation, and so on. Further to that, the designing part has a lot of possibilities.


With the help of Smart Contracts, developers get the ability to place huge capital on the supply of Non-Fungible Tokens. Moreover, they also get the option to enforce persistent properties, which, once issued, are not made to be modified. A developer can also programmatically restrict the number of rare items that can be made. Other unique properties can also be programmatically implemented to the NFTs by the developers.

Non Fungible Token Marketplace

Features of ERC-721 and ERC-1155 Token Marketplace Development


The overall ranking of a Non-Fungible Token will be listed according to a few factors such as the Volume, price, average, or more for NFTs on an hourly basis. One nifty feature here is that this allows the NFT owners to always be aware of the demand and position of their products.


We believe in offering the most convenient solutions to the customers; therefore, we develop marketplaces that offer bundled services enabling users to list their tokens in bundles. This also enables the user to bundle up to 30 items and sell multiple tokens at the same time.


We provide users with marketplaces that allow them to create different kinds of bidding listings like fixed-price listings, English Auction listings, or Dutch Auction listings.

Dutch Auction Listing

To begin a Dutch Auction session, the seller can just select a starting price, ending price, and the overall duration of the auction. The seller then commences the session at an increased price, and it goes down subsequently over time.

English Auction Listing

An English Auction session is more popular and familiar to a wider audience. In this, the seller selects a minimum price for the products and awaits bids. Once the seller finds the highest bid, it is accepted and the product is sold. This kind of auction is made popular by online bidders like eBay.

Forerunners in the NFT Marketplace

A few early adopters in the industry, here are the top platers in the NFT Marketplace who have been the forerunners as the industry has evolved over the years:

  • Opensea is perhaps the most common marketplace in the industry and is best known for providing digital arts and unique assets, further tokenizing them into NFTs.
  • Rarible is an open marketplace that was initially made to tokenize digital arts and painting into NFTs. It soon became an open marketplace and evolved into one of the best out there.
  • The nifty part about Sorare is that it gives its players or team members the chance to participate in virtual fantasy sports leagues. After all, it’s a specialized NFT marketplace that has been specliazed for fantasy sports.
  • Legally approved by the NBA to facilitate tokenization of NBA-exclusive video clips and player cards, NBA Topshots is the most successful project to come from Dapper Labs.
  • V.cent is a digital marketplace, and the only one at it, to convert tweets into NFTs. It is known for once selling a tweet for the highest bid of $2.5 million.
  • Cryptokitties is a blockchain-based game and it’s one of the most popular marketplaces for gamers developed using Ethereum. Herein the players can trade the game currency with NFTs.

Significance of Sofocle

Ever since we’ve founded Sofocle, our main motto has always been to serve the best business development solutions across the globe to our clients. Don’t believe us? Here are some reasons to change your mind and opt for Sofocle for all things Blockchain and NFT.

  • Step 1


    We are all about safety and we aim to deliver the safest platform for our users.

  • Step 2


    We’re always on our toes to ensure we provide uninterrupted services to users

  • Step 3


    We work with full transparency and it’s our promise each process is crystal clear with no hidden charges

  • Step 4

    User Interface

    Depending on the user’s needs, we design a User Interface that’s free of bugs and glitches

  • Step 5


    We are happy to provide the best tailor-made customization options basis the requirements of our users along with full initial planning

  • Step 6


    We implement API and external wallet integration facilities in our services for that level A experience to our users

  • Step 7

    Cross Platforms

    Be it Ethereum, Flow, Matic, or Rubix, we’re open to developing NFT Marketplace solutions in multiple Blockchain platforms to make sure the user gets a versatile experience


NFTs are in the vogue these days since they represent a unique asset value in the marketplace.

The audience can bid the NFTs depending on their value and popularity that are listed in the marketplace for the buyers.

It isn’t all that hard, get in touch with us and we promise Sofocle will guide you every step of the way in creating your own NFT Marketplace.

That’s for you to decide. Avail our services and tell us how we bested or need to be improved. And then perhaps let us know the answer to the same.

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