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Sofocle is your one-stop destination for all things NFTs. Let us help you establish your creative side to the world with Non-Fungible Tokens. Experts have said that NFT collectables will not settle back any asset – courtesy of its rejuvenation characteristic – to an ancient state.

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Sofocle is your one-stop destination for all things NFTs. Let us help you establish your creative side to the world with Non-Fungible Tokens. Experts have said that NFT collectables will not settle back any asset – courtesy of its rejuvenation characteristic – to an ancient state.

What is the significance of NFT Development Service?

NFTs – short for Non-Fungible Tokens – are all the rage today thanks to a market cap of nothing short of 1,785% in the initial months of 2021, marking itself as a high growth momentum service. NFTs are, then, not only essential and profitable for the creators and buyers, but also for the people who host the marketplace services. However, it’s important to understand the whole idea behind NFTs – and, of course, the NFT token development that goes behind – before we dive deep into its other services.

What makes NFTs easily one of the most reliable and valuable assets in the Blockchain industry is the flexibility it offers. Essentially a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, or Blockchain, Non-Fungible Tokens certifies a digital asset to be totally unique, therefore, making it absolutely non-interchangeable. Certain Blockchains like Ethereum, Tezos, and Flow make sure they have their own standards for supporting NFTs, which ensures that the digital items associated with these NFTs remain totally unique. Non-Fungible Tokens have grabbed a good chunk of the market share over the year, ever since it was first introduced in 2012.

And now that you’re fully aware of the idea of NFTs, NFT token development, as its name implies, is the process where the NFTs are developed from scratch. The overall Non-Fungible Token development requires the use of ERC-721 and ERC-1155 Ethereum token standards. It allows certain blueprints to be developed for the software developers, enabling them to create distinct exchanging and wallet services. At Sofocle, we use the most reliable and safest technologies to offer the most coveted NFT development services across the industry.

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Standards


The very first standard to showcase non-fungible digital assets, the ERC721 is an inheritable Solidity smart contract standard. ERC721, by providing access to the mapping of unique identifier addresses, aids in locating the owner of that identifier. That’s not all, however, as ERC721 also helps in providing a permissive way to transfer assets.


Known to bring the idea of semi-fungibility inside the NFT world is the ERC1155 token standard. ERC1155 has helped IDs represent many classes of assets, which wouldn’t have been the case otherwise. Its key factor lies in its easy transferable nature. Moreover, it gives its users the option to not enter the token address each time in order to purchase several assets that are of the same kind. This further helps the user in creating reduced multiple smart contracts and also reduces the overall transaction time. For example, a user would normally have to select the token quantity of the items given every addition in their cart. ERC1155 minimizes just that and helps all save some precious time.

TRC 721 Token

A protocol for issuing NFTs on the TRON network, TRC 721 token standards work in full compatibility with ERC721 token standards. It is most useful in the process when an average person wants to increase the unique value of NFTs, which is done by allowing them to digitize their collectables.

After all, experts say that TRON’s public chain infrastructure is good for offering hassle-free deployment of TRC 721 to the user’s unique collectables It’s also worth noting that the TRC 721 standard, in particular, represents any kind of digital or tangible assets in the real world. It is believed that the TRC 721 development will see huge adoption in the near future.

Non Fungible Token

The functionality of Non-Fungible Tokens

  • • For unique digital assets, NFTs (or Non-Fungible Tokens) can prove to be extremely useful
  • • For both tangible and intangible assets, NFTs can be used to provide and represent digital acceptance.
  • • NFTs cannot be inter-exchanged and are unique, each one possessing a unique specification
  • • More of their unique nature allow NFTs to not be bought in exchange markets. This means they can only be created, purchased, or traded in their original marketplaces

Characteristics of Non-Fungible Tokens

  • • NFTs can be prepared on contract-enabled blockchains if proper non-fungible token tools and support are at the disposal
  • • ERC-721 – which is Ethereum’s standard protocol – is not just crucial but also common for Non-Fungible Tokens
  • • NFTs allow finding detailed information like the owner’s identity, or more if are found along with their smart contracts.
  • • As is the case with traditional shares and other assets, NFTs also offer proof of purchase and digital ownership of an asset in the real world
NFT Token Development
NFT Development

Features Accumulated by ERC-721 Token Development

  • • Non-interchangeable: NFTs possess a non-interchangeable and non-interoperable nature, restricting themselves to be used from one marketplace to another.
  • • Indivisible: NFTs cannot be separated into lesser denominations, thanks to their unique protocol specifications
  • • Recoverable: NFTs are easily recoverable and even indestructible to a good extent given the fact that the data of a typical NFT is stored in a blockchain via smart contract. This also allows them to be easily trackable back and forth
  • • Verifiable: NFTs have the ability to be verified directly by the creators without any extra authentication process, all thanks to their property to store ownership data directly on the blockchain

Non-Fungible Tokens are the future for creators around the world

There is no denying the fact that the Non-Fungible Tokens are the future for the creators, as they allow the artists and creators to tokenize their signature into their products in the marketplace. There are tokens such as games, art, music, video clips, and more that are in the eyes of buyers around the world generating huge market interest. And, lately, arts and games have generated a lot of market interest in NFTs courtesy of their unique features and audience.

Game assets are also the main feature of NFTs. This is because the collectables that are inside games have special characters along with great features offering a spectacular gaming experience. And these are also the functionalities of NFTs that make it such a profitable platform.

Sofocle’s NFT Marketing Services

We, as industry leaders in all things Blockchain, follow our very own marketing strategy to help in a business revenue
We are always working hard to ensure we develop products that help your business. Here’s a quick walkaround of the same

NFT Token Creation

Developing Idea and Implementation

We offer services that ensure we implement creative and interesting ideas our user want for their business. And it’s very simple how we achieve the same. On the basis of the project, we advertise our user’s products – including certain documents – in order to increase their popularity in several perimeters

Non Fungible Token Development

Social Media Marketing

At Sofocle, we feel it’s very necessary for people to get to know the whole concept of NFTs and why they’re shelling out some bucks for some type of digital image/piece. This is because it’s known that average people too, apart from crypto experts, use NFTs.

NFT Offering Services

Building Community

It’s very important to build a community for certain crypto projects. NFT development is no different. What can help a user the most is spreading the word in their private community, which can also convert a few known leads into investing and buying the user’s NFTs themselves.

Benefits of NFT Development

  • They are good at offering essential value to unique assets
  • In safe and secured environments, collectables are taken care of by an Anti-Fraud mechanism
  • NFTs have great tracking ability thanks to the transparent nature of Blockchain
  • In every token generation, NFTs come with their very own unique identical specialized protocols
  • Blockchain can be useful in the recovery of a user’s tokens thanks to their distributed ledger technology since every node keeps the details of the user’s transactions. To make it safer, no changes are allowed to these details going further
  • NFTs have great market visibility as they serve a good number of industries
NFT Development Services

Platform Use Cases in case of Non-Fungible Tokens

Digitizing arts comes across as one of the most popular tokens in the NFT marketplace. This is all thanks to the magic of digitalization and its unique creation


NFTs can make it so much easier to implement features of arts in the form of virtual and augmented reality


Along with sport trading cards, a respectable proportion of NFTs reside on crypto-collectables such as Axies

Trading Cards

Exclusive entertainment content can be tokenized with the help of NFTs. This is why NBA player tokens and video clips of NBA are extremely popular in NFTs circulation

Music & Videos

Non-Fungible Tokens work flawlessly well with blockchain domains; therefore, they have the ability to represent particular crypto domains


Non-Fungible tokens have helped landowners build and monetize their plots by leasing, given their ability to be used as real assets in the virtual world.

Land ownership

Virtual assets like game collectables have been very crucial in the world of NFTs. After all, video games make use of special characters and features for an immersive gaming experience. Working under NFT, Crypto Kitties and Decetraland are two very common features in games.


We help you with


We offer services that are hugely customizable, allowing us to fulfil every user’s needs


Our development services are working 24/7 to ensure flawless services making us just a call away

Robust Platform

We have built an extremely robust tokenization development platform, which has enabled catastrophic features and extreme traffic


We, at Sofocle, are committed to providing high-grade protection for our user’s development platform


We also offer API and external wallet integration facilities to give our users the best experience

Hassle-free delivery

This is the most important part. We make extra sure that our user’s platform is fully developed and only then we introduce it to the world


TWe are keen to offer the most transparent services to our users, therefore each of our procedures is as transparent as they come

Design and Planning

Before initiating, we analyse all the requirements of our user and make an eye-watering design. We meet all the designing needs of our user, and we also work our best to offer a seamless user experience


As also mentioned earlier, Non-Fungible Tokens are unique, along with that they are also a non-interchangeable digital representation of unique collectables. And, on top of that, they’re easily tradable in exchange for cryptocurrencies

They serve as a unique point of attraction to the investors. Non-Fungible Tokens are unique valuable assets that are accepted as collateral in exchange platforms. This has helped users in the crypto space across the globe to facilitate digital asset management.

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