Disrupting the Blockchain way

Innovative Blockchain solutions

Disrupting the Blockchain way

Innovative Blockchain solutions

by Sofocle Admin


Supply Chain Financing Solution
sofoSupply is a Blockchain-based solution which enables seamless supply chain financing. It has been built on Hyperledger and uses Smart Contracts for digitizing processes. It helps a supplier to easily avail loan against approved invoices by the manufacture without the need of any manual paperwork.

sofo trade


Trade Finance Blockchain Solution
sofoTrade is Blockchain based solution for Trade Finance that streamlines the international trade settlements. It offers a potential medium to exchange assets without centralized trusts or intermediaries. It offers immutability and digital uniqueness by deploying Smart Contracts which are self-executing, triggered by the efficient exchange of digital data and eliminates the risk of double spending.


Product Supply Chain solution
sofoChain is a solution to record the quantity and transfer of assets as they move between supply chain nodes like trailers, containers etc. by linking serial numbers, bar codes, RFID to physical goods. It also enables the verification of certifications and assigning certain properties to physical products, thus hereby eliminating fake or counterfeit goods/invoices in the supply chain.


Autonomous Claim Processing Solution
sofoInsure utilizes Blockchain-based ‘Smart Contracts’ to automate insurance process. It combines the power of the mobile technology and Blockchain to autonomously execute a claim payout on the receipt of correct verification information. Beside providing convenience to the end consumer, sofoInsure drastically reduces the cost incurred to the company by providing better back-end claims management and eliminating paper work. Read more…


Cross Border Settlement Solution
sofoPay is a Blockchain solution that powers various type of payment networks. It utilizes cryptographic technologies to sign off each transaction, facilitating cross border settlement in real-time based on FX rates. sofoPay provides full transparency, security and a complete audit trail of all users at any time.


Shared KYC Information Solution
sofoKYC aims to reduce operational inefficiencies and provide immutable audit trails by forming a common KYC standard for multiple organization on a shared ledger based on Blockchain. It addresses major challenges faced in customer on-boarding process and benefits all stakeholders. sofoKYC enables sharing of KYC information among partner institutes in a secure and transparent manner.