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Our Blockchain consulting services help companies identify specific business challenges where Blockchain Technology can be leveraged to solve these challenges. We also help access the utility and returns on Blockchain investment.

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Blockchain Consulting

Our Blockchain Development consulting process comprises of following stages

  • Stage 1

    Determining Blockchain Adeptness And Understanding The Present Processes

    Before even thinking about implementing Blockchain solution, it is essential that top management and the senior managers should acquire the correct know how about this technology. Next, it is important to understand the internal processes of the organization on which the whole system is based.

  • Stage 2

    Arriving At Mutual Understanding

    This stage involves a lot of brainstorming meetings with the top management to determine the understanding of the Blockchain technology they have and discuss the potential loopholes/improvement areas in the present processes which can be addressed through Blockchain solution. Through a mutual understanding, it can be decided whether implementing Blockchain would help the organization or not, and if it will, then to what extent.

  • Stage 3

    Initiating Solution Designing

    Next stage is to develop a comprehensive and defined framework of the proposed solution. The framework would define how the physical information would be converted into digital information and stored on Blockchain, how different stakeholders would be able to interact with the Blockchain & what would be authorities assigned to them, and the platform/devices required for successful implementation.

  • Stage 4

    Demonstration of POC (Proof of Concept) & Full-Scale Production

    The demonstration of POC should prove how the solutions would satisfy the key objectives it was designed for. After successful demonstration of the concept, full-scale production of the solution is initiated. The solutions developed would cover all the processes and would be expected to perform as mutually agreed in Stage 3.

There should be a systematic and knowledgeable approach to first understand the Blockchain, its relevance in the target industry and then decide whether to implement Blockchain solution or not. It’s true that Blockchain is playing a very crucial part in transforming the future – or perhaps it is the future? Luckily, at Sofocle, we’ve our means and industry experts to apply the concept of Blockchain to your business and, hence, make it reach a whole new height. Our experts are always working on their toes to ensure we’re helping apply this ground-breaking technology to your business, helping you make the most out of it and transform it into something more future proof than before. Our Blockchain development consulting is usually carried out in 4 simple steps, which we’ve mentioned below in its entirety. Our main motto at Sofocle is to offer the best Blockchain consulting services to our clients, so as to help them develop certain strategies in which case Blockchain technology can be employed to solve a number of forthcoming challenges. And, on top of that, our Blockchain development consulting are also always looking to help businesses with utilities and returns on investments related to Blockchain. With the help of our specialized Blockchain consultants, we can help you analyse to what potential Blockchain can help your business. After all, it’s all about figuring out the right technology that meets your requirements and works best with your business idea. Now that you have a brief idea regarding our Blockchain development consulting as a whole, feel free to take a look at our four steps in which we master the idea of Blockchain for your business. Have a chat with our Blockchain consultant to learn more.

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