Offshore Blockchain Development

Our expert team of Blockchain Architects and Developers have experience of over 3 years working with Blockchain products

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Our expert team of Blockchain Architects and Developers have experience of over 3 years working with Blockchain products

Offshore Blockchain Development

Our expert team of Blockchain Architects and Developers have experience of over 3 years working with Blockchain products, solutions, Smart Contracts, DeFi, DApps, etc. in various domains like Financial Services, Insurance, Supply Chain, Health, Education, Automotive, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), etc.

  • Your extended Offshore team working seamlessly with your onshore team
  • Bound by legal NDA to ensure confidentiality and privacy
  • Competitive rates and engagement models
  • Supported by strong team of UX/UI, QA and Security Professionals
  • Dedicated DevOps team to handle Blockchain deployments
  • Option to quickly scale up and scale down as per changing requirements
  • Agile Project Management with productivity tools
  • Full Source Code Authorization

Our Offshore Blockchain Development Expertise

We help you set up an Offshore Product Development Center where our offshore Blockchain team works with your onshore team like an extended arm. We use the best of productivity and communication tools to ensure seamless working experience. Some of the areas of expertise covered by our team of Blockchain Architects, Blockchain developers and DevOps engineers are:
  • Blockchain Solution Design

    Blockchain Solution Design

    Our Blockchain Architects and Consultants help you architect and design the right solution for your idea or product. Whether it be public or permissioned Blockchain, Tokenomics, Smart Contracts, off-chain and on-chain data architecture, we have the expertise with all the core elements of a Blockchain product.

  • Cryptocurrency Development

    Cryptocurrency Development

    Our team of crypto developers and full stack engineers have huge experience working with protocols like Ethereum to develop your crypto-based projects – Crypto Exchanges, Tokenomics, Crypto-wallets, Decentralized Apps (DApps), etc

  • Blockchain Development

    Blockchain Development

    Our team of Blockchain developers and full stack engineers help you design and develop Blockchain solutions using various Blockchain protocols like HyperLedger Fabric HyperLedger Sawtooth, R3 Corda DAML or Ethereum.

  • HyperLedger and Corda Developers

    HyperLedger and Corda Developers

    We have HyperLedger and Corda experts with experience of more than 3 years with HyperLedger Fabric, HyperLedger Sawtooth and R3 Corda. Our engineers have developed solutions for various industries and domains.

  • Ethereum Developers

    Ethereum Developers

    We have Ethereum experts with experience of more than 3 years with Ethereum Protocol, Smart Contracts, DApps development and DevOps. We have experience with both Public as well as Private Ethereum. We build smart contracts that are scalable, bug free and secure.

  • Blockchain DevOps

    Blockchain DevOps

    We have expert team of DevOps engineers who have experience with deployment of various Public and Permissioned Blockchain nodes and networks over different cloud environments like AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, IBM Cloud and on-premise.

Why Hire Sofocle for your Blockchain product?

Whether you have an idea and require a complete offshore technology team or you just want to augment your team with Blockchain developers, Sofocle helps you with your product design and development.

  • Core Blockchain Expertise

    Core Blockchain Expertise

    With Blockchain expertise of over 4 years, Sofocle has been one of the leading Blockchain consulting companies in the world.

  • 50+ Blockchain Engineers

    50+ Blockchain Engineers

    From a small to a large scale project, Sofocle can help you build it with its team of 50+ Blockchain engineers and Full Stack developers.

  • 30+ Blockchain Products/Solutions

    30+ Blockchain Products/Solutions

    Sofocle has built 30+ Blockchain products/solutions spanning across various industries and using different protocols and technology stack.

  • Quality and Security Focus

    Quality and Security Focus

    Sofocle follows strict industry’s best coding and project management practices to build products that are high on quality, performance and security.

  •  100% Data Integrity & Confidentiality

     100% Data Integrity & Confidentiality

    Sofocle team takes the data privacy and confidentiality very seriouOffshore Software Development Company - Outsource Development Servicesly and protects your Intellectual Property.

  • Flexible Engagement Models

    Flexible Engagement Models

    We are open to different engagement models based on your requirements and existing team structure. 

What Makes Sofocle The Right Blockchain
Application Development Company?

Do you have an idea for next big thing in Blockchain and want to get it analysed and validated? Or do you have a blue print and want a team to convert it into a working product? Or do you have a product that is work in progress and want to augment your team with Blockchain engineers? Sofocle is the right Blockchain application development company for you. We design your offshore team with right set of skills and expertise depending on what stage of product development you are.

We can cover the entire software product life cycle for you including Business Analysis, Solution Architecture, UX/UI, Coding, QA, Deployment and Security.

Whether it be Decentralized App, Smart Contract, Blockchain protocol, Dashboards, Wallets, Blockchain connectors with Legacy Applications or Blockchain node/network deployment and management, Sofocle’s extensive experience comes handy for you.

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Latest Projects/Products

Prediction Platform

A Smart Contract Prediction DApp that allows users to bid on the pricing of major cryptocurrencies. A fully decentralized application that collects the bid amount and distributes the rewards to winners based on authenticated oracles.
Blockchain Protocol: Ethereum
Blockchain Type: Public

Video on Demand

A decentralized platform that offers the publishers to publish and sell their videos online. A complete tracking of customer’s journey to pay and consume video content; and automatic distribution of payments between publisher and platform.
Blockchain Protocol: HyperLedger Sawtooth
Blockchain Type: Permissioned

Automated Claim Settlement

A decentralized platform with smart contract framework for automated claim settlement in Crop Insurance. Brings Insurer, Broker, Insured and Government on a single trustless network to enable insurance policy tokenization with smart contract enabled claim criteria and execution.
Blockchain Protocol: HyperLedger Fabric
Blockchain Type: Permissioned

Frequently Asked Questions

A talented Blockchain Developer requires following skills:

  • Programming Concepts like OOPS, MVC Architecture, Multi-threaded Processing and Socket Programming.
  • Clear understanding about security protocols and cryptography including Hashing algorithms like SHA 256, Cryptographic keys, Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptography.
  • Well versed with Data Structures like Linear (Arrays, Lists), Tree (Binary, Heaps), Hash (Distributed hash table, hash tree), and Graphs (decision, directed, acyclic graph, etc.
  • Strong Expertise with core Blockchain concepts like Distributed Ledgers, Asymmetric Cryptography, Hashing Algorithms, Sharding, Public and Permissioned Blockchains, Smart Contracts, Tokenomics, etc

We endeavour to make the Offshore Development model very seamless. We use following tools and platforms:

  • Project Management Tools – Jira, Redmine, Clubhouse, Confluence
  • Communication Tools – Slack, Skype, Google Hangouts
  • Wireframing Tools – Moqups, LucidChart
  • IDE – Visual Studio Code, Eclipse
  • Code Repository – GIT, SVN
  • Cloud Platforms – AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean Google Cloud
  • Deployment – Kubernetes, Docker, Zeeve

Sofocle has gained expertise with Blockchain Protocols as given below. In addition, we continue to build expertise newer and promising protocols.

  • HyperLedger Fabric
  • HyperLedger Sawtooth
  • R3 Corda
  • Ethereum
  • DAML
  • Fluree

We work with following engagement models:

  • Dedicated Team (Choose this model if you need more manpower for the in-house development team or you want to bring in external expertise to complement the in-house expertise)
  • Time and Material Basis (Choose this model if you have constantly evolving or unclear requirements, and your development needs will deviate over the time)
  • Fixed Cost (Choose this model if your requirements are clear, well defined and unlikely to change; the project size is small to medium and you have some prior outsourcing experience)

Yes, we have a strong in-house expertise on Blockchain Deployment of various protocols on the cloud of your choice. We also provide support engineers to keep your application secure, available and up to date. We operate under well-defined SLAs (Service Level Agreements) for support and maintenance engagements.

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