Leveraging BlockchainFor Secure Transfer of Value

  • sofoPay


    Supply Chain Financing Solution

    sofoPay is a Blockchain-based solution which enables seamless supply chain financing. It has been built on Hyperledger and uses Smart Contracts for digitizing processes.

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  • sofoChain


    Product Supply Chain solution

    sofoChain is a solution to record the quantity and transfer of assets as they move between supply chain nodes like trailers, containers etc.

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  • Insurra


    Autonomous Claim Processing Solution

    Insurra utilizes Blockchain-based ‘Smart Contracts’ to automate insurance process. It combines the power of the mobile technology and Blockchain to autonomously execute a claim payout on the receipt of correct verification information.

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  • Blockchain Development

    Blockchain Development

    Our capable team of in-house Blockchain engineers take care of the full development stack with the programming of scalable and distributed applications and custom-built protocols, from deploying nodes and coding smart contracts to front-end development and layout design.

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  • Blockchain Consulting

    Blockchain Consulting

    We conduct an array of brainstorming sessions to assess the possibility of implementing Blockchain technology in your organization for the optimization of processes, offering strategic advice based on analysis of your organization’s profile while drafting possible use cases.

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