sofoCapAutomation in Supply Chain

A Blockchain and Smart Contracts Technology-based supply chain finance solution that helps enterprises to ease complexities of Supply Chain Financing and reduce cost & risk by eliminating manual processes.

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sofoCap Automation in Supply Chain

We’re delighted to introduce the world to sofoCap, our in-house developed Blockchain and Smart Contracts based solution designed to streamline Supply Chain Financing, amongst other very crucial processes in the world of Blockchain. Built using permitted protocol HyperLedger and uses Smart Contracts for digitizing processes, sofoCap is one of the most well-sorted supply chain finance solutions globally.

For those of you who may not be aware, Automation in supply chain refers to leveraging popular digital technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, optical character recognition, and so on. This is done particularly to reduce the overall operational cost of delivering any product or service and it is, of course, made sure the whole supply chain finance and blockchain technology solution process is carried out without reducing the overall quality of the end product.
With the implementation of sofoCap, we’ve enabled many lenders and financiers to be able to facilitate the processes of Bill Discounting and Channel Financing with greater transparency on invoices and, therefore, making the whole process less risky. This has also made us one of the most trusted supply chain finance solution providers across the globe. After it’s correctly implemented, our sophisticated solution creates a network where the supply chain ecosystem partners can trade with more transparency, automation, and data availability. And, of course, as said above, the whole process is transparent and less risky than anything else on the internet. Before you make an informed decision, scroll below to take a look at all the key features and other aspects of sofoCap.

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Key Features of sofoCap are

  • Builds Trustworthy Supply Chain Ecosystem

    Builds Trustworthy Supply Chain Ecosystem

    sofoCap solution significantly increases transparency for all supply chain ecosystem participants by providing real-time and reliable view of every transaction happening in the ecosystem.

  • Facilitates Lending by Financiers

    Facilitates Lending by Financiers

    Against well-known trade instruments such as PO’s, Invoices, Inventory Assets and Payment Obligations.

  • Enhances Liquidity of the Collateralized Assets

    Enhances Liquidity of the Collateralized Assets

    By utilizing “Trade Finance” instruments such as Factoring, PO Financing and Vendor Managed Inventory Financing.

  • Automates Execution of Processes in Real-Time

    Automates Execution of Processes in Real-Time

    By utilizing the underlying Smart Contracts for processes like loan repayment on the due date, loan disbursal, applying charges/fee, limit management, etc.

  • Supplier/Customer Onboarding

    Supplier/Customer Onboarding

    A complete process of onboarding of suppliers/customers on the platform with checks for KYC/AML, Credit Assessment, Risk Scoring, etc using 3rd party data integrations.

  • Credit Assessment and Scorecard

    Credit Assessment and Scorecard

    By utilizing the combination of data from customer input and 3rd party verified sources, sofoCap provides both Scorecard based and manual credit assessment.

sofoCap helps suppliers and banks in lending process by

  • Tokenizing invoices

    Tokenizing invoices

    once the buyer approves them, eliminating duplicate (“Double Spending”) and fraudulent invoices across the network.

  • Splitting-up payables

    Splitting-up payables

    so that the lenders can purchase parts of invoices to reduce risk.

  • Eliminating the need to track

    Eliminating the need to track

    and coordinate remittance information, since it immutably captures the data attached to each invoice.

  • Auto-reconciliation of invoices

    Auto-reconciliation of invoices

    since each invoice has been tokenized and its data is present on the Blockchain, there is no need to manually reconcile the invoices.

  • Filter approved invoices based on credit policy.

    Filter approved invoices based on credit policy.

    Automatically filter invoices based limit management, limit terms and credit policy reducing risk of errors and fraud.

  • Auto-Disbursal & Auto-Repayment using Smart Contracts.

    Auto-Disbursal & Auto-Repayment using Smart Contracts.

    Smart Contract enabled automated disbursal of funds and repayment. It also manages the overdue penal charges, interest, etc.

  • Cost Reduction

    Cost Reduction

    as it eliminates manual paperwork, automates various supply chain financing processes and trigger alerts and notifications based on pre-defined criteria.

  • Streamlining processes

    Streamlining processes

    since it creates a transparent and secure ecosystem among the various supply chain participants like suppliers, anchors, dealers, logistic companies, and lenders.

  • Discounting Offer Workflow

    Discounting Offer Workflow

    Buyer’s robust discounting offer workflow where multiple lenders can pitch for the invoices thereby creating competition and risk-based pricing.

sofoCap has been designed keeping in mind challenges faced by a lender while financing a supplier or dealers in both Anchor based or non-anchor based supply chain financing. With a strong team of developers & subject matter experts, we are looking to collaborate with organizations to help them ease complexities, educe cost, manage risks better and adhere to compliances and policies.

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