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Certyza Document Management System

Electronic Document Management System

One of the key issues that plague businesses across different industry verticals is storage, retrieval, and access to data. With the aim to resolve issues related to data storage and accessibility, we’ve introduced the world to Certyza, our highly reliable document management software that offers businesses a common and shared platform for continuous storage, retrieval, and verification of data in real-time. For those who might not know, a document management system essentially receives, tracks, and manages documents after storing the documents at a safe place. This not only makes the whole process safe and transparent but also helps us in reducing paper waste. Our electronic document management system, Certyza is a highly capable solution as it keeps a whole record of the whole management process without also making it all the more complex.

Certyza is, of course, a market-ready product, which could be leveraged by businesses for issuing, verifying, and storing digital records of educational, medical, socio-legal, or commercial significance with ease and transparency. We’ve specifically designed it to act as one of the most trusted records management system in the industry. As we’ve also mentioned below, Certyza is designed to be the only records management solution you’ll need in areas like Education, skills, medical, legal, and so on. To give you a clearer image of how things work at Sofocle with Certyza, we’ve also designed a Certyza hybrid blockchain to make our whole process flow regarding document management as transparent as one can imagine. Of course, the whole process also remains to be secure and efficient in the best way possible.

Process Flow

Traditional Process
See how Certyza makes this process secure, transparent and efficient

Certyza helps in addressing the following areas:



    In a global workforce traditionally issued certificates lack proof of provenance at speed.



    Incremental Skills are under rated or ignored owing to negative incentive of verification via a traditionally tedious process.



    Decreed records of law, society and economy are prone to integrity and longevity issues.



    Medicine needs a professional to keep up with skills. Managing certifications at large frequency is a challenge.



    Provenance and integrity is hallmark of Legal records. Traditionally, it can be void and violated.



    As a part of Govt records, Civil records are prone to integrity and longevity issues.

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